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FUNKY GUITAR #1 E7 funk rhythm

Updated: Feb 4, 2021


here we are with a cool funk rhytmn in E7

remember the step to learn funk rhythm:

1) listen the part

2) sing it

3)play it one quarter note at time with metronome

In the video i play the whole part, and then i show you step by step how to do it

it's important to focus on the strum of your right hand, remember you play 1 and 3 down, 2 and 4 up.

play all this strums with metronome without the chords, just to train your right hand, then add the chords and a quarter note at time.

I hope this can help you,

or you can join my free telegram channell with free lessons every week @andreaguitarlessons

or book a private lesson with me at

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