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PRACTICE TIPS #1 5 advices to improve your practice

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

How much times do you practicing guitar?

Do you play twice a week? Do you spend 1 hour a day? 6 hours a day?

As a teacher, students ask me more than bilions of time "How much do i have to practice?"

To be honest, there isn't a right answer to this question.

In a perfect world, we would say to play everyday, maybe one hour or more.

But we don't live in a perfect world. You probably have work, study, family stuff, a lot of things that prevent you from practicing

So it's not important how much time, but how do you spend this time!

Here i write a bunch of good practice tips that can help you to study efficiently and don't waste time

1)METRONOME: I think metronome is the most important tool you have to use when you practice. It can help you with timing, speed, rhythm and lead guItar. when you practice scale, licks, improvisation or everything you are working with, DO IT WITH METRONOME!

2)GOALS: Do you know why are you practicing? Which are your goals in short,medium and long period? Having clear goals in your mind can improve more than 70% your practicing time. Think about what you would like to improve, and put goasl in different times. For example you can work on visualizing fretboard and learn penatonic scale in A in short time (1 week), in every keys (1 months), and being able to use it without problems in your improvisation and building vocabulary in every keys (3 months)

3)CREATE YOUR OWN PRACTICE ROUTINE: This is also very important. Create a customized routine to work on more stuff together. If you, for example, have 30 minutes for day, you can practice 10 minutes technique excercise, 5 minutes improvisation and practice a song for 15 minutes. You can refresh this schedule every week and change it depending from your goals

4)STUDYING WITHOUT GUITAR: You probably have free time during your days when you don't have guitar with you or you can't play, like for example lunch break, or 10 minutes before sleeping, while you are cooking, ecc.. During this minutes you can practice ear training or sight reeding with free and easy mobile phone apps, or listen carefully music you'd like to learn. You can probably find 15-20 minutes for day in this way.

5) RECORD YOURSELF: When you play a song, or improvise over a track, or do an exercise you will be focus on a lot of stuff: your right hand, timing, what you'll have t odo next, ecc... so the way you listen yourself can be less accurate insted a person who is listening you in front of you, like the pubblic. Try to record youself, and then listen. You propably hear that you can be repetitive, out of the pocket, or other stuff you will not hear while you were playing. Record yourself can help you to avoid mistake before someone in the pubblic at the next gig will hear.

I hope this can help you,

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