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The style of Kurt Rosenwinkel: 3 major ideas

Updated: May 1, 2021


In this lesson we are going to analyze 3 major ideas in the style of the amazing Kurt Rosenwinkel

In this first lick Kurt play a major idea over a E maj7 chord. He mix a bebop scale (you can see in the second string he use both major and minor 7th) with a lydian, using the #4 in the G string, fret 15

This is a very cool idea to play over a B maj7.. Here Kurt play a B major scale with different intervals.

This 3rd example is a very cool major add 9 arpeggio over 2 octave. He play a Db maj7 arpeggio adding the 9th to have a very cool and unique sound, and he repeat simialr in 2 different octaves.

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