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How To Play Guitar Like A PRO Without Leaving Your Couch

 Learn how to play guitar or improve your skills with my

Online private 1-on-1 lessons..

Play From The Comfort Of Your Home And Learn in a Easy Way.

My private online lessons  are designed to help total beginners and also intermediate players who want to reach the next level.


And if you won’t be satisfied, I will total refound you. I will teach you exactly what you want to learn or what you need to improve, without bullshit or something you won’t like.


I had students from all over the world, and studied with a lot of famous and great guitar players, and played with Steve Vai. If you really want to learn without losing time, you are In the right place.


Everything will be designed for you and your goals.

No bullshit, just what you want to play


I learned from the best.

I studied with Andy Mckee, Snarky puppyìs players, MI and Berklee’s teachers. I can help you with a lot of thing


You don’t have any risk here

 You will improve or I will refund you. It’s easy, zero problems.



I will help you step-by-step, without pressure and I will give you motivation and help 24/7



"Andrea is a gifted musician and a wonderful teacher. He is patient and attentive to his students’ needs, and he is incredibly encouraging.

He is also knowledgeable about a wide range of music and willing to cater to his students’ interests."

Shayla, Detroit, USA

  • What can I study with you? All levels are welcome?
    All levels are welcome, I can teach starting from zero and also to advanced musicians. I can teach you songs you like, theory and harmony, improvisation, technique, fretboard visualization and many other stuff. I use to focus my lessons over your needs and what you would like to play.
  • How much lessons cost?
    First trial lessons is free, than lessons cost 30€ each one and they last 1 hour. You can pay with paypal, also if you have a different currency, and you won’t pay any fee.
  • Does online guitar lessosn works?
    Yes. I had students from all over the world and they are all satisfied about my lessons. You can see it in my reviews. You don’t need also a professional gear, but I have it. You will play from the comfort of your home and learn In a easy and cool way.
  • Can I see your full CV?
    I graduate at Modern Music Institute with 100/100, and directed 2 local music school. I played with Steve Vai and Neil Zaza, recorded a bunch of Cds, studied with Andy Mckee, Tony Mcmanus, Frank Vignola, David Becker, Les Wise, Snarky Puppy’s plyers (C.Mcqueen and Bob Lanzetti), Chris Buono, and many others Berklee’s and MI musicians. I also attended masterclass with Steve Vai, Guthie Govan, Paul Gilbert, Robben Ford, M.A.Batio, Scott Henderson, and many others.

Don’t Loose This Opportunity,

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